From the classics of 90s to the present day freestyle dance forms, YTA tutors gives you all the needed guidance that one needs to become a pro in Bollywood dancing. With highly trained teachers and dancers as a part of YTA’s Gurukul, all students get an amazing opportunity to learn from the experts.



Dancing is like dreaming with your feet and Hip-Hop is almost in the blood of every growing individual who is an admirer of the street dancing from the west. Since the time hip hop started commercializing in 1990s and 2000s it has gained huge popularity. YTA has some crazy dance programs, which give their students a never forgetting experience and hip hop dance skills to die for.


An Indian folk dance originating from the state of Gujrat, Garba dancing is a vital part of representing India’s vivid and rich culture. With colorful Ghagras on women and authentic dhoti kurta on men along with dandiya sticks, Garba is in all way the best way to celebrate anything. Don’t to be overwhelmed because it is not that easy as it seems, garba and dandiya is not just about simply grooving in a circle, there is lot more to it and you will find it under the guidance of YTA’s garba trainers.


A form of social dance originating from New York in the mid-1970s, Salsa is known to be sensuous and a dance filled with poise and awestrucking moments. YTA gives the chance to get your feet tapping on the salsa beats under the supervision of some highly expert salsa dance trainers.



It takes your breath away when someone express the best of emotions through dance moves. And contemporary form of dancing, when done right is one such art, which tends to give meaning to each and every movement of your body while dancing. Contemporary dancing is another much elaborated form of art and requires a lot of dedication and passion to master it. The gurukul at YTA is skilled and equally passionate of learning new trends and teaching these skills to the students.


One has to work really hard to master a dance form like this. Like all other dance forms, Belly Dance also needs discipline, dedication and immense passion to get the act proper. But most of all it needs that oomph factor to make it visually appealing. Shiraz Irani, the belly dancer is a name known to many all across the country while she was a part of India’s Got Talent. With YTA you get the opportunity to exclusively get hold of this talented belly dance professional and get trained under her.


Dancing and fitness go hand in hand but to elaborate it and present a perfect mixture of aerobics and dace form like salsa, hip hop and more, Zumba was introduced. Zumba is a fun way to perform your daily exercise and tone your body and muscles while dancing on some of the happening beats and grooving on to international dance moves.



How about getting your hips moving on the salsa in Bollywood style..? Sounds interesting right..? Well, it gets even more fun and interesting in the classes conducted by the YTA dance academy. You will find out when you enroll and rest assured it would be ride filled with fun and a new adventure.


There is nothing like it when you master an art, which is a part of Indian culture and has centuries long history. Kathak is one of the most famous and coveted dance forms across the world and it is a privilege to be a part of the few who could proudly pass on this art and skills to the coming generations. Experts from the field of Kathak will provide the YTA students with the knowledge and expertise of this respected dance forms.


Dance Style Fees Months Sessions
BOLLYWOOD 3000/- 3 Months 24 Sessions
HIP HOP 3000/- 3 Months 24 Sessions
SALSA 2500/- 2 Months 12 Sessions
BELLY DANCE 2000/- 2 Months 12 Sessions
CONTEMPORARY 2000/- 2 Months 12 Sessions
FUN DANCE FOR KIDS 2500/- 3 Months 24 Sessions
BOLLYWOOD DANCE FOR KIDS 2500/- 3 Months 24 Sessions
GARBA 2000/- 2 Months 21 Sessions
ZUMBA 1500/- 1 Months 8 Sessions

We also give our studio on rent (some of the images of our studio)