WOW belongs to the senior students. This annual show experiments with different dance styles & modern themes. The students are professionally trained and groomed for this show, which has elaborated sets, costumes, light effects & audio-visuals . A wholesome entertainer


MOVES N GROOVES is for fun, fun, fun, dance n’ learning. During summer YTA organinses various boot-camps, over-night treks, summer activities like Dancing, Swirhening, Skatin Karate, Art , Craft &various dynamic activities. The students showcase their talent through this fun-loving show..


JUST KIDS has various themes mixed with different &simple dance forms, grooming the juniors not only in dance, but in personality too. A show just for kids from the age group of 4years to 12years. Some of the previous themes of JUST KIDS.. Danceyour Dreams.. Aazadi Live.. Simple living Bada Thinking..


KOLKATA EXPRESS-With an idea to add the tadka of dance to the most astonishing festival of the Durga Pooja, Young Talent Association took a step ahead to make it grand with the Kolkata Express. This idea was conceived by us 2 years ago and till now we have been receiving a wonderful response from all over Kolkata and Maharashtra. We conceptualize our entire with Bengali music and traditions.


BRAHMAND-The cosmic dance- A contemporary and modern dance extravaganza.The galaxies…The earth..The Ocean ..The sun and winds..twinkling..rustling..roaring whispering and twittering elements.The pain..grief and sorrow..the joy..the spirit and celebration..These common feeling with meaning and messages has touched many souls. Brahmand is about the rhythm of life…ambitious dream and passionate dances.It goes beyond the realm of what we see.. about subtle changes of exuberance called life.